Frequently Asked Questions

Why do scouts go to Crossroads Baseball Series events?

There are 2 major reasons College Coaches go out to recruit:

A) They hear about a player from a trusted source or have watched a player's video and want to see the player perform in person.

B) They are attending an event in which they know top recommended players will be attending.


The Crossroads Baseball Series communicates with 100's of HS and Travel Coaches to bring in top uncommitted players for the College Coaches to scout. We have 200+ college coaches a year attending our events. Over 1000 Crossroads players have moved on to play in College. VIEW COMMITMENTS HERE 

Players showcase individually and play in a game in front of College Coaches. We encourage players after each event to take advantage of our network where College Coaches from 1600+ Colleges across the country can view contact info, video, transcripts, schedule, personal statement, and connect with players.

How are players scouted when attending a Crossroads Event?

College Coaches attend the Crossroads Baseball Series to find and/or follow players. All Crossroads events have College Coaches attending and following players remotely during and after each event. At our events, each player will have the opportunity to showcase defensively, offensively, and play in a prospect game.


Each event features an online Crossroads 'Coach Packet' with detailed information on every player for College Coaches. All College Coaches across the country have exclusive access to our Coach Packet. All verified event results and videos are sent to players to share with College Coaches of their choice as well.

Each Crossroads event features PROGRAM15 (P15) Pro Scouts evaluating players and writing in-depth reports. P15 Reports are in-depth and credible evaluations players and programs can trust because they are the same credible evaluations trusted by Major League Scouts and College Coaches across the country.


All Crossroads Players are entered into the National P15 database. Evaluations and Reports on all Crossroads players are housed in the P15 Player Database in which College Coaches and Pro Scouts can log-in and access written reports, data, video, and a player projection. After an event, players can access this database, read their reports, update their info, and use this as a major developmental and exposure tool for themselves.


Players also connect with college coaches via our online partner Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) and gain valuable recruiting education. 1620+ Baseball programs have viewed 500,000+ Player Profiles in the past year in the Next College Student Athlete database. 650+ Baseball programs are heavily active and have viewed/followed 60+ players each. 3,594 College Coaches have viewed a player in NCSA just this year; an average of 3 College Coaches per program. NCSA gives our RSVP'd College Coaches a place to check on players before the event and to follow/communicate with players afterward.  

Regional Pro Scouts evaluate players at each event for the Crossroads All-Scout Series, our top regional exposure event of the year. The All-Scout Series is attended by college and pro scouts and features the top identified players from multiple state events. Players from these events are considered for selection to the New Balance National Team that plays in the prestigious New Balance Future Stars International Series at an MLB ballpark, as well as, NBFSS Pro Development Combines.

How does a High School or Travel Coach 'Recommend a Player' for an event?

High School and Travel baseball coaches across the country can RECOMMEND A PLAYER at any time during the year. Alongside our Area and Regional Scouts, we are a leader in the grassroots effort to promote, develop, and educate future college and pro players.

I have been recommended as a player to attend an event. What does that mean?

We have Crossroads Area Scouts in multiple districts across the U.S. that identify and recommend College potential players for an invite to a State Select or DeMarini Series. Recommended Players are notified via email, text, and/or phone about their invitation to attend an event.

How do I 'Request an Invite' to attend an event?

We understand our Area Scouts will miss on some talented players. Also, not all HS/Travel coaches send in recommendations for their players. In these situations, we invite players to REQUEST AN INVITE. We ask for contact info and info from each player requesting an invite. We ask that players be truthful on this form for their own benefit. We can match players to events in which the coaches/scouts attending will be excited to discover and follow them.

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