Evaluations/Reports on all players are made available in the P15 Player National Database for all College Coaches and Pro Scouts to log-in and access written reports, data, video, and player projections. After an event, players also have the opportunity to read reports, update their info, and use this to advance their game.

  • Credible Reports from MLB experienced scouting staff (200+ years)

  • Player College and Pro Talent Projections

  • Player Development Reports

  • Player Video, Evals, and 20/80 Grades

  • Advanced Player Search


  • All Crossroads players are sent an email to 'Accept and/or Grant Access'.

  • Check your email and click the 'Accept and/or Grant Access' button.

  • See directions HEREThis interactive player profile is free.

  • Complete this step to be active in the Crossroads Team Edition Database

This unlocks multiple tools that enable you to be exposed to multiple College Baseball Programs that actively recruit Crossroads Baseball Series events. 1620+ baseball programs that have viewed 500,000+ Player Profiles in the past year using the Next College Student Athlete database.

  • Research every college baseball program in the country.

  • Educate yourself on the recruiting process.

  • Send video and info to any program in the country.

  • Use upgraded tools to communicate directly with college coaches

  • Find College programs that match YOUR preferences.

  • Discover what Colleges need a player at your position w/ your preferences.


With this technology, College Coaches and Scouts have access to tools that enable them to recruit players more efficiently. 

  • Customizable recruiting board

  • Player contact info

  • Player academic info

  • Player Video, Evals, and Transcripts

  • Advanced Player Database Navigation

  • Dashboard to connect w/ interested prospects

  • Integration with Scoutware and Front Rush