Crossroads visits Next College Student Athlete

Since 2008, the Crossroads Baseball Series has showcased 'coach recommended' high school baseball players in IL, IN, OH, MI, and KY to college coaches to aid them in the process of playing at the next level.

Crossroads considers their events to be one of the top ‘college coach’ attended events for the caliber of players they showcase – a mix of DI, D2, D3, NAIA, and JUCO potential players and how these players are recommended by 100’s of HS and Travel Coaches across the Midwest. However, they also understand the importance of providing student athletes with the proper ‘online tools’ to continue promoting themselves to college coaches after the event.

“With the multitude of travel baseball programs and online technology companies in today’s game, many claim they are the one path to connecting with college coaches,” said Eric Blakeley, founder of the Crossroads Baseball Series. “We showcase players in front of college coaches and do it well; however, on the other side, taking a player organically through the process of choosing the right college is an enormous task for a family.”

Blakeley continued, “What HS/Travel Coach and/or player’s family has the time to research and match up 1600+ colleges with a player’s wants, needs and/or limitations?”

Crossroads has been doing their homework to provide all Crossroads players with knowledge on the best platforms to promote themselves online. This is what prompted a visit to the Next College Student Athlete headquarters in Chicago.

“Players are smart to attend multiple showcases, play for a travel program, and even use more than one online service in their journey. However, Next College Student Athlete was very impressive based on sheer # of Coaches paying attention online and number of people behind the scenes working for the player,” stated Blakeley. “We had the opportunity to attend a year end meeting with NCSA and partner company Reigning Champs and were excited to see what is being offered to student athletes in 2017.”

According to Blakeley, the days of college coaches paying to view player videos online are coming to an end. “Now players can upload video, transcripts, stats, and match themselves up athletically and academically with any college in the country. Players can then communicate that info to their matching colleges and see what colleges are interested in them also,” said Blakeley.

The best part about this – it is free for College Coaches.

“Players need to be proactive and promote themselves,” stressed Blakeley. “They need to have done their homework if they are serious about playing at the next level. Most importantly, this can be a big financial advantage for a family.”

The average family that did so with NCSA in 2015 received $16,714 per year in financial assistance.


· 1009 College Baseball Programs follow player profiles using NCSA

· 490 College Baseball Programs are following 10 or more players

· 423 College Baseball Programs followed a player during the 2016 Crossroads season (June-Oct)

· 997 College Baseball Programs have watched over 50+ player videos using NCSA

· 514 College Baseball Programs have logged in over 10+ times to their NCSA profile

· 1500+ College Baseball Coaches viewed player videos during the 2016 Crossroads season (June-Oct)

· 1500+ College Baseball Coaches viewed at least 1 player video in November of 2016

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