Vantrition brings nutrition to Crossroads

The mission is simple, to assist serious baseball players in reaching their fullest potential by providing safe and effective, evidenced-based nutritional supplements targeting their specific needs.

Vantrition’s founder and President, Dr. David F. Vanata, RD, CSSD, LD, has advanced degrees (Ph.D., MS) in Human Nutrition from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and the Florida State University, respectively, is Board Certified in Sports Dietetics, and a registered and licensed dietitian (RDN). He has manfacturing, quality control/assurance experience in the food industry and has been counseling athletes for decades.

Vantrition has been a partner of the Crossroads Baseball Series for the past 2 years. But why Vantrition? When asked this question, Crossroads president Eric Blakeley stated, "We have many former players on our staff that have been taking protein products for decades. Not sure I have personally tasted a better protein blend. Especially a blend specific to our sport. Our players are fortunate to have a safe, reliable choice when it comes to nutrition and recovery."

Vantrition's line of sports nutrition supplements consists of protein and amino acid blends that are sport specific, for athletes in baseball, football, triathlons, cross-fit, basketball, golf, running, soccer, and paintball. Products are targeted for a higher end audience and those athletes having goals and aspirations of playing at the “next level.”

They have 4 baseball products designed specifically for Hitters and Pitchers: Pitcher's Recovery, Pitcher's Fuel, Hitter's Fuel, and Triple Play 3:2:1.

Pitcher's Recovery is a brand new product formulated to help pitchers with elbow and shoulder health. Many elbow and shoulder issues are related to over-use and poor nutrition, so Vantrition designed a product that helps support tendon health by providing the nutrients that can make tendons stronger, healthier, and reduce the risk for over-use injuries because of poor nutrition.

Pitcher's Fuel is formulated to help build and recover. It provides a tested formulation & balance of whey proteins to maximize nutrient absorption and allows pitchers to build & fuel necessary muscles to stay strong. It is formulated for quicker absorption so a player can start the recovery process as soon as a game or practice is over.

Hitter's Fuel is designed for players to take after a practice or game to help with muscle repair and growth. This blend has different proteins to supply players with the nutrients they need, absorbed at a steady rate to help them get ready for the next day.

Triple Play 3:2:1 provides a balanced formulation of the essential branched chain amino acids, L-leucine, L-isoleucine & L-valine for muscle growth, recovery & repair POST-workout or POST-game to help reduce muscle soreness.


Vantrition, LLC was formed on January 24, 2012 to formulate and manufacture dietary supplements for elite and serious athletes. Their line of sports nutrition supplements consists of protein and amino acid blends that are sport specific, for athletes in baseball, football, triathlons, cross-fit, basketball, golf, running, soccer, and paintball. Vantrition's staff includes individuals with expertise in exercise physiology, nutritional product development, sport specific athletic consultants for product testing, development and evaluation, as well as credentialed Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists. For the latest on Vantrition, follow @Vantrition on Twitter or Instagram, or visit

ABOUT CROSSROADS BASEBALL SERIES: Indianapolis-based Crossroads Baseball Series, founded in 2008, promotes 'Coach Recommended' high school baseball players to College Coaches and Pro Scouts to aid them in the process of playing at the next level. By utilizing top technology and partnering with innovative companies across the country, Crossroads gives players the opportunity to promote themselves before, during, and after each baseball exposure event. 1600+ College baseball programs can actively follow Crossroads players and 200+ College Coaches attend Crossroads events to instruct, evaluate, and scout throughout the year. For the latest Crossroads Baseball Series updates, follow @Crossroads_BB on Twitter, or visit

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